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the High Castle, Demo mise a jour !

the High Castle, Demo update !

Hello all,


Demo the High Castle has been updated, making various changes and fixes ! Do not hesitate to visit project page again and download the installation file updated.

The video presentation the demo has also been updated, with a version 'DirectX 11’ Project, benefit of Tessellation on some doodads, thus providing more detail.


Good visit !


New 3D demo : the High Castle

I suggest you find a new real-time 3D demo, the High Castle !

the High Castle is a real-time environment demo based on the UDK engine / Unreal Engine 3, and provides a brief journey into a fantasy setting 3D.

This short demo will take you on a journey to it a bit unstable in the middle of the space : hang you well, and enjoy your visit !


For more information and try the demo, visit project page.



Amboise project

Amboise project

Amboise is a project in real-time 3D describing the town of Amboise, France, at the time of Leonardo da Vinci lived at Clos Luce, manor located near du chateau royal.

The project idea is to imagine the city and its architecture while Leonard has built and developed his ideas and inventions. Thanks to numerous technical advances the city is more alive, rich, and progresses in a steampunk setting, while da Vinci installs its machines, tools and mechanisms around the city.

A demo will be available soon for download!